Office of Lifelong Learning

The Candler Foundry is located in the Rita Anne Rollins Building, 1531 Dickey Drive, Room 352. The Candler Foundry staff can be reached at 404.727.3164 or at For more information visit


The Candler Foundry offers theological explorations designed to help individuals grow in their biblical, theological, and spiritual knowledge. Its goal is to make theological education accessible outside of Candler’s formal degree programs and in formats that are wise, engaging, and relevant to broader audiences, including ordained clergy, laity of all denominations, and those just curious about faith.

Courses in the Community

The Courses in the Community program offers in-depth learning opportunities led by Candler faculty and hosted at congregations in and beyond Atlanta. These courses are designed to bridge the gap between the church and the academy by developing classes that connect biblical and theological learning to issues and questions that are relevant to faith communities. These courses come in two formats: (1) Master Classes are semester-long courses that are open to both Candler students and community participants and are located in local congregations or taught online. Candler students can enroll in these courses through the normal enrollment process and will receive standard course credits. Community participants can enroll through The Candler Foundry, with no application required. The standard course fee is $150, excluding books. Community members are full participants in the class, with the ability to attend class sessions, engage in classroom discussions, access course materials, and interact with the instructor as would enrolled Candler students. Community participants are permitted, but not required, to submit papers and complete tests. Submitted written work will receive feedback from the instructor but will not be graded. Community participants can apply for continuing education units (CEU), with 4 CEUs being awarded for a 3-credit course. (2) Short Courses range from 3-6 weeks and are conducted in partnership with congregations and other organizations in and beyond Atlanta. Taught by Candler faulty, these courses cover a variety of topics, from the Bible and theology to social justice and Christian leadership. No application is required; course fees vary. Candler students may register for any Short Course but will not receive credit towards the completion of their degree.

TheoEd Talks

This ecumenical speaker series brings together leading thinkers in the church and the academy to give the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less. By packaging powerful ideas in bite-size talks, TheoEd aims to spark conversations that change the way people think about God, religion, and the power of faith to shape lives and communities. Conducted through a partnership between The Candler Foundry and First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, TheoEd events are hosted annually in Atlanta. Individual talks are accessible for free at or through the TheoEd Talks podcast. Discussion guides are available for each talk and are designed for use in Sunday School classes, Bible studies, and youth groups.

Candler in Conversation

Candler in Conversation are webinars that bring together Candler faculty, staff, students, and alumni for conversations about the intersection of faith, theology, and important issues in public life. These webinars are livestreamed to Facebook with no registration required. Audio versions of the webinars are also available through The Candler in Conversation podcast.

Candler Course Access Program

Candler Course Access (CCA) is designed to meet the demand for nondegree-seeking persons to attend Candler courses. CCA students are admitted after completing an application process and receiving individual approval through the registrar’s office and by the academic dean. Participation is limited, based on space availability. CCA participants will be active observers in the class, with the ability to attend classes meetings, engage in classroom discussion, and access course materials (including the Canvas site), but they will not have individual access to faculty nor should they expect to submit any coursework (e.g., papers or tests) for grading or other evaluation. The CCA fee is $340 per credit hour and is payable upon approval of application. This cost includes an administrative fee, course fee, and continuing education credit (CEU), if desired. Under no circumstances will course access be granted until the fee is paid.

Persons preparing for ordination in The United Methodist Church must enroll in United Methodist history, polity, and doctrine courses for academic credit and pay the related tuition and fees through the Candler Admissions Office. These courses are offered each year during fall and spring semesters, and occasionally throughout the year in summer and two-week sessions.