Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $50 made payable to Emory University is charged to process each application for admission.

Admission Deposit

A nonrefundable admission deposit of $120 is required of all students enrolling in degree programs or as special students. This deposit is required by April 1 for fall admission, May 1 for the summer term, December 1 for spring admission, or within three weeks of notification of admission to the program, in order to secure the student’s place in the class. The deposit will be posted as a credit to the Emory University student account; students who pay the deposit but fail to enroll will forfeit the deposit.


Tuition and fees of $12,051 per semester include full-time instruction for a minimum of 12 semester hours in a normal program of study, use of required facilities and equipment, medical and health services, library services, and participation in student activities. The full tuition charge for theology students is less than one third of the actual cost to the University.

Tuition is $11,700 per semester. The mandatory University student activity fee (which partially funds the Student Government Association) is $110 per semester, and the mandatory University athletic/ recreation fee (which includes use of the facilities and equipment of the physical education center) is $150 per semester. An additional $91 per semester is a wellness fee.

With the exception of the DMin program, part-time academic work (less than 12 semester hours) is $1,064 per semester hour plus fees. DMin tuition is $5,000 per semester plus fees.

Degree students may take appropriate courses in other divisions of the University, at Columbia Theological Seminary, at Erskine Theological Seminary, McAfee School of Theology, Lutheran Southern Seminary, or at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), without additional charge, as allowed by their degree programs.

Administrative Fee

A standard administrative fee of $85 is assessed in addition to the mandatory athletic, recreation, and mental health fees for any semester (excluding summer) in which an MDiv, MRL, MRPL, MTS, ThM, DMin, or ThD student is formally enrolled in the degree program, but is not registered for credit hours through coursework.

Incoming Student Enrollment Fee

An incoming student enrollment fee of $50 will be assessed for all new students to Candler. This one-time fee will cover expenses related to first-time enrollees and their orientation.

Audit Courses

The charge for audit courses is the same as for credit courses. Courses audited may not be taken for credit by examination. Audit courses may not be changed to credit courses after the grading status deadline listed in the academic calendar. Audit course credits do not fulfill degree requirements and do not carry academic credits.

Transcript Fee

A transcript fee of $70 will be assessed for all new degree-seeking students. This onetime fee will cover the cost for all transcripts requested of Emory University.

Parking Fee

All students operating automobiles, motorcycles, and scooters at Emory must register their vehicles with the Parking Office, 1945 Starvine Way. Vehicles must be registered separately for the summer term. Proof of ownership is required at the time of registration. For current parking fees (which can include a parking deck pass), contact the Parking Office at 404.727.7275.

Penalty Fees

Students who fail to register or pay tuition and fees by deadlines announced in the academic calendar are subject to a late payment fee of $150. Students who fail to apply for graduation by the deadline published in the academic calendar are subject to a late fee of $25.

Withdrawal and Refunds

No refund is provided to students who drop courses (but do not withdraw fully) after the last day for approved schedule changes noted in the academic calendar. Students who withdraw from their total schedule within the first five weeks of a semester are subject to an adjustment in tuition, fees, and if applicable, Candler scholarship. Adjustments will be made according to the Emory University refund schedule established by the Office of Student Financial Services in 100 Boisfeuillet Jones Center, 404.727.6095,

A refund will be issued for any credit remaining after appropriate adjustments.

Refunds for students who are federal (Title IV) financial aid recipients will be prorated in accordance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 and any related regulations.

Candler scholarships are prorated on the basis of the number of hours for which a student is enrolled. University policy stipulates that if a student drops any or all of his or her work after the last day indicated in the academic calendar, tuition, fees, scholarship, and loans are not adjusted and no refund is granted.

No refund is granted when a student is dismissed.

Financial Aid

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in the school of theology provides information and assistance to students concerning various forms of financial aid. Such support includes Candler’s merit scholarship program, aid available through denominational sources and other agencies, and various loan and work programs.

United States citizens and permanent residents who wish to be considered for any form of financial assistance, including Candler scholarships, must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. The FAFSA is available online at and should be filed using Emory School Code 001564. International students who will study on student visas while enrolled at Candler are not required to complete the FAFSA. Deadline for receipt of these materials by Emory is March 1 for entering students and April 1 for returning students.

Financial aid is available during the academic year only to students enrolled in a degree program and is awarded for a maximum of six full-time semesters or 86 attempted hours for the MDiv degree, four full-time semesters or 48 attempted hours for the MRL and MTS degrees, and two fulltime semesters or 24 attempted hours for the ThM degree. Audit hours and accepted transfer hours are included in the attempted hours total. A student must be enrolled for a minimum of six hours in order to receive financial aid. Requests for aid to be applied for part-time enrollment must be approved in advance by the associate dean of admissions and financial aid. Any student who enrolls for less than a full-time course load will have his or her financial aid award prorated accordingly. Candler scholarships to dual degree students are applicable only to those semesters in which the student is in residency in the school of theology.

Candler scholarships are typically not available during the summer term, but those who are eligible may apply for other summer financial aid, such as federal loans, through Emory University's Office of Financial Aid. Candler’s scholarship program is funded through gifts, the Ministerial Education Fund of The United Methodist Church, endowed funds, and the school's operating budget.

Candler offers direct financial assistance to students through the following scholarships based on merit, need, and the availability of funds. Scholarship decisions are made only at the time a student enters the degree program and are renewable for additional years according to stipulations noted in the award letter. Candler scholarship decisions are final.

Students who apply before the November 1 Early Action deadline will be notified of their admission status and offered a preliminary financial aid award before December 15.

The priority deadline for scholarship consideration for the fall semester is January 15 for MDiv, MRL, MTS, and ThD applicants, February 15 for ThM applicants, and March 1 for DMin applicants. Scholarship review continues throughout the spring and summer until funds have been expended. The spring application deadline is December 1 for MRL applicants. Candler scholarships are not available to MRPL students. For additional information about any of the awards noted below, contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 404.727.6326 or

Leadership Candler

Each year, the top applicants for the MDiv and MTS degree programs are invited to attend a Leadership Candler event. These persons are active leaders within churches, on campuses, and across communities and have been awarded top merit scholarships from Candler. The events are designed to support vocational discernment and to showcase Candler’s rich curriculum, acclaimed contextual education program, world-renowned faculty, superb facilities, and its location at top 20–ranked Emory University. A separate application is not required. Invitations to this event will be issued by February 15 of each year.

Early Application Considerations

Master's students whose applications are completed by November 1 will receive a preliminary scholarship award by December 15. (Submission of the FAFSA is required for a preliminary scholarship decision.) Early consideration admits will be considered for possible additional funding, including the Woodruff Fellowships and Pitts Scholarships, after January 15.

Master of Divinity Honors Scholarships

During the 2019-2020 academic year Candler announced a commitment to funding all admitted MDiv students at 50% regardless of past academic performance. A small number of honors awards are available to select applicants who demonstrate exceptional promise in academics and/or ministry.

Robert W. Woodruff Fellowships in Theology and Ministry

These fellowships for incoming full-time MDiv students cover tuition and fees for six semesters (two full-time semesters for three academic years) and provide an additional $10,000 per year for related educational expenses. Renewal of the award for the second and third years requires maintenance of at least a 3.30 cumulative grade point average.

Each academic year, up to five Woodruff Fellowships are awarded to first-year students. To be considered for the Woodruff Fellowship, applicants must be admitted to the MDiv program by January 15. Woodruff Fellowship recipients will be selected by the Admissions, Scholarship, and Honors Committee and must demonstrate qualities of confident and unselfish character combined with a deep concern for others; intellectual achievement; impressive communication skills; significant leadership and creativity in school, church, or community; and clear potential for enriching the lives of their seminary peers as well as their faith communities.

Typically, candidates for the Woodruff Fellowship will have a 3.50 minimum cumulative grade point average from an undergraduate or graduate program. A separate application is not required. Those selected to receive Woodruff Fellowships will be invited to participate in Leadership Candler, with travel and lodging covered by Candler.

Dean's and Faculty Scholarships

Made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Dean's and Faculty Scholarships award recipients a total award package of over $125,000 to cover tuition and fees each year as well as most educational and living expenses. This award requires full-time enrollment of 12 or more credits per semester and maintenance of at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average.

Sherman Scholarships

The Sherman Scholarship Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Sherman of Jacksonville, Florida. This fund provides full tuition scholarships to incoming United Methodist MDiv students preparing for ministry as pastors of local churches who demonstrate academic ability and commitment to a biblically based, evangelical ministry. Applicants must be under the care of a district or conference board of ordained ministry. Students who qualify receive a Sherman Scholarship covering 100 percent of tuition partially funded by the Sherman Endowment and partially by other Candler funds.

Renewal of the Sherman Scholarship for the second and third years requires maintenance of a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and proof of progress in the candidacy process. Qualified students from the Florida conference are given preference for Sherman Scholarships, although qualified United Methodist students from all conferences are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to those whose applications for admission are complete and whose United Methodist District Superintendent verification forms are submitted by January 15.

Hardin Scholarships

The Hardin Scholarships were established by Mary Goss Hardin of Gadsden, Alabama, to support full-time United Methodist MDiv students preparing for ordained ministry as elders in the North Alabama Conference. These full-tuition awards are renewable upon maintenance of full-time enrollment and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and proof of progress in the candidacy program. Preference will be given to those whose applications for admission are complete and whose United Methodist District Superintendent verification forms are submitted by January 15.

McDonald Scholarships

Established by W. I. and Emma Jean McDonald of Tylertown, Mississippi, the McDonald Scholarship provides assistance to incoming full-time United Methodist MDiv students from Mississippi who are preparing for ministry as ordained deacons and elders. Students who qualify receive a McDonald Scholarship covering up to full tuition, partially funded by the McDonald Endowment and partially by other Candler funds. Renewal of the McDonald Scholarship for the second and third years requires maintenance of a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and proof of progress in the candidacy process. Preference will be given to those whose applications for admission are complete and whose United Methodist District Superintendent verification forms are submitted by January 15.

Master of Religion and Public Life

Candler scholarships are not available to MRPL students.

Master of Religious Leadership Scholarships

Incoming full-time MRL students may receive awards up to 50%. Scholarship review begins January 15 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. A separate application is not required.

Master of Theological Studies Scholarships

Incoming full-time MTS students may receive awards ranging from $5,000 to full tuition and fees plus a $5,000 annual stipend. Scholarship review begins January 15. A separate application is not required.

Master of Theology Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are awarded to full-time students in the ThM degree program. Among the ThM scholarships is the Miller Scholarship, established by Dr. and Mrs. Hal C. Miller to support a Candler graduate pursuing advanced study. Scholarship review begins February 15. A separate application is not required.

Doctor of Ministry Scholarships

Incoming DMin students may receive awards covering 30 percent of tuition. Scholarship review begins March 1. A separate application is not required.

Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. This program provides additional financial support for veterans who have 100 percent eligibility for Post-9/11 benefits. The dependents of such veterans may be eligible for Yellow Ribbon also. All veterans’ benefits are administered through the university’s Office of the Registrar. However, each school in the university has a specific contact for Yellow Ribbon. For detailed information about the Yellow Ribbon Program at Emory, please visit

Other Veterans’ Benefits

For information on Veterans’ Educational Benefits available to veterans or their dependents, contact the veterans’ benefits coordinator at 404.727.6042 or

Scholarship Resources from Outside Agencies

Students are urged to explore scholarship sources beyond those of Candler School of Theology. In 2017–2018, Candler students received more than $1.1 million from outside sources including local churches, annual conferences, and various other scholarship agencies. Numerous scholarship opportunities are available to United Methodist students through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church. A listing of outside scholarship opportunities is available at Students are encouraged to refer to it throughout the year for scholarship and grant opportunities. For additional information, contact the Candler Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 404.727.6326 or

Awards from United Methodist Annual Conferences

A portion of the Ministerial Education Fund of The United Methodist Church is used by annual conferences for direct scholarship aid to ministerial students. An application form may be obtained from the student’s annual conference board of ministry. (Some conference forms are available at This form must be resubmitted each year. Funds are awarded on the basis of information provided by the student in the application. Some conferences limit funding to certified candidates for ministry.

Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is administered by the Emory University Office of Financial Aid in 300 Boisfeuillet Jones Center. Students who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be considered for federal student loans. A student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at least half time to qualify for federal financial aid. Students currently in default status for previous federal educational loans are not eligible for additional federal financial aid. For further information, contact the Emory University Office of Financial Aid, 300 Boisfeuillet Jones Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30322, 404.727.6039.

Additional Loan Resources

The Emory University Office of Financial Aid administers four Candler loan funds. The Charles C. Barton Loan Fund is available to MDiv, MRL, MTS, and ThM students. The Hattie Elizabeth Allison Endowed Loan Fund is available to students pursuing ordained ministry in a Methodist denomination. The Irma Clark Goodson Memorial Loan Fund is available to students preparing for Christian service in The United Methodist Church. The Robert W. and Bernice E. Lickfelt Loan Fund assists ministerial students preparing for full time service in the church. These loans have an interest rate of 4.42 percent and require a credit check and cosigner. To be considered, students must file the FAFSA and must meet high need criteria. For further information, contact the Emory University Office of Financial Aid, 404.727.6039. Loan assistance is also available from the United Methodist Student Loan Fund of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. For further information, contact the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry Office of Loans and Scholarships, 615.340.7346.

Student Employment

Many Candler School of Theology students work while in school in positions that provide valuable professional development as well as economic support. While the theology school recognizes that resources and needs of individual students vary considerably, the school strongly recommends that no full-time student be employed more than twenty hours per week.

On-Campus Employment

Candler faculty and staff may hire for a variety of positions, from serving as a research assistant to acting as a social media manager. Current students can access opportunities for on-campus employment via Handshake, which is accessible to new students closer to the start of classes.

Some students may also receive the Federal Work-Study award depending on FAFSA eligibility, which enables them to apply for positions designated as FWS. for additional details regarding on-campus employment procedures, please contact the Office of Admissions at 404.727.6326

Human Resources Division

The Emory University Human Resources Division is at 1599 Clifton Road. This office maintains current listings of full- and parttime employment in all departments of the University. Positions may include medical, support services, clerical services, and administrative positions in a variety of settings. Current listings may be viewed on the website at

Off-Campus Employment

Candler Career Services posts off-campus employment opportunities on the Candler Chronicle and on Handshake, Emory University's job board for current students and alumni. For further information, contact the Director of Career Services at 404.727.3594.

United Methodist Student Appointments

United Methodist students in the school of theology may serve as student pastors in North Georgia or other conferences. Students should complete the Teaching Parish application available from the director of the Teaching Parish program. Normally, only those who are certified candidates for ordained United Methodist ministry will be considered for appointment. Due to immigration regulations limiting off-campus employment to an 18-month term of service, international students will not be considered for a student-pastor appointment in their first year of study. International students may be considered for appointment during their final eighteen months of study at Candler.

Students from other denominations should contact the appropriate officials for information on possible church staff openings. For additional information, contact Thomas Elliott Jr., director of the Teaching Parish Program, at 404.727.4178 or