Biblical Studies. New Testament

NT601. Matthew

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

This course is an introduction to and close reading of the Christian gospel commonly attributed to Matthew. It studies the historical and theological context of the gospel, including its literary forms, as a means of practicing the art of exegesis.

NT602. Mark

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

This course uses historical and literary tools to investigate the theology of the Gospel of Mark, particularly its portrayal of Christology and discipleship.

NT603. Luke

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

An exegetical study of the Gospel of Luke that gives attention to literary, theological, and historical issues.

NT604. The Fourth Gospel

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

This course focuses on exegesis of the Gospel of John, including familiarity with distinctive traits of John, the Johannine portrait of Jesus, and Johannine theology.

NT607. Parables of Jesus

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

This course focuses on the parables of Jesus in their literary and historical context and comparing them to ancient and modern forms of parabolic language (e.g., Rabbinic, Greek poetry, modern authors such as Borges, Kafka, etc.).

NT611. The Acts of the Apostles

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

An exegetical study, giving special attention to how Acts relates to Mediterranean life and culture in the first century C.E.

NT612. Romans

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

An exegetical study of Paul’s letter to the church at Rome.

NT613. The Corinthian Correspondence

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

An exegetical study of I and/or II Corinthians with special attention to its Greco-Roman context.

NT619. Revelation and its Interpreters

Credit, three hours. Prerequisite: NT501 or equivalent. (Hylen)

This course equips students with skills to interpret Revelation for the church today and to evaluate other interpretations.

NT622. The New Testament and Healing

Credit, three hours. (Wilson)

Explores various perspectives on health, sickness, and healing practices in the New Testament and its world and the meaning these may have for the healing practices of congregations today. (NT622CEE when offered as a Contextual Education elective)

NT625. The Theology of Paul

Credit, three hours. Prerequisites: NT501 or equivalent. (Faculty)

A study of Paul’s letters that focuses on how Paul’s thinking about God and life in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus can instruct contemporary theology.

NT639. Sexuality in the Bible

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

Contemporary Christian conversations and conflicts over issues of sexuality tend to focus on a tiny portion of scripture’s full and complex witness to this fundamental dimension of human life. This course considers passages of scripture that touch upon erotic love, marriage, divorce, virginity, same-sex love, and sex relations. (NT639CEE when offered as a Contextual Education elective)

NT641. Early Christian Women

Credit, three hours. (Hylen) (Same as HC641.)

This course explores the roles and authority of women in the early church (first to fourth centuries) and the ways this history is used in modern arguments about women’s leadership. (Race, Ethnicity, and Gender)

NT642. Gender, Sexuality, and the New Testament

Credit, three hours. (Hylen)

This course explores the social history of the New Testament period with respect to issues of sex, gender, identity and expression, and sexuality. (Race, Ethnicity, and Gender)

NT650. Greek Exegesis

Credit, three hours. Prerequisites: NT501, NT502, BL521, and BL522, or equivalent. (Faculty)

This is an exegesis course based on the Greek text. Students will learn how to read in context, follow an argument, recognize elements of rhetoric, as well as consider the puzzles arising from the subjects the text discusses and the way it discusses them. The course is meant to provide an advanced experience both in Greek and in exegesis.

NT679. Colloquy Leadership

Credit, two hours.

Offered each semester by invitation of the instructors of NT501 or NT502. Does not fulfill area requirements.

NT698. Special Topics in New Testament

Credit, variable. (Faculty)

Special topic or one-time offering courses led by Candler regular and visiting faculty. Prerequisites may be required and are noted on the course schedule when applicable.