Church and Ministry. Evangelism

EV501. Enabling an Evangelizing Church

Fall and Spring. Credit, three hours. Offered each semester. (Faculty)

This introductory course equips the student to understand and accept the challenge of intentionally communicating the gospel, by word, deed, and sign to the uncommitted, within and without the local church. The course explores practical ways to help laity use their gifts in the ministry of evangelism. Special attention is given to defining evangelism theologically and missiologically for practice in a pluralistic society. (Introductory Arts of Ministry)

EV511. Seminar: Issues in Renewal and Revitalization of the Church

Credit, three hours. (de Souza)

Designed for MDiv and MTS students, this course focuses on the recurring phenomenon of revitalization and renewal in the church as key aspects of a biblical and contemporary ecclesiology. It seeks to develop a biblical, historical, relevant, and contemporary understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in renewing and revitalizing the life and mission of the church. Primarily student led, the professor will direct and encourage the students to assimilate some of the classical text in renewal and revitalization. Application will be made especially to the life of the local congregation. (EV511CEE when offered as a Contextual Education elective)

EV642. Religion, Culture and Mission in Latin America

Credit, three hours. (de Souza) (Same as M642.)

This course examines a set of books, chapters, articles, videos, films, and documentaries on religion, culture and society in selective parts of Latin America. Using case-study methods, students will come to appreciate sociocultural diversity and religious pluralism as contexts for Christian mission. (Race, Ethnicity, and Gender) (M642D Religion, Culture, Society and Mission in Latin America when offered as a real-time, distance-based, and shared course between Candler School of Theology and the Methodist University of São Paulo’s School of Theology)

EV653. World Evangelism in an Age of Empire

Credit, three hours. (Jones) (Same as HC653, M653.)

From the beginning of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, Christians from North America and Europe were involved in a massive effort to conquer and Christianize the world. This course examines the relationship between Western imperial missions and religious missions, noting the ways in which they both conflicted and cooperated in their endeavors. Attention will be given to indigenous Christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America, whose life, work and witness was crucial in shaping religious responses to imperialism.

EV697. World Methodist Evangelism Seminar

Credit, three hours. (Faculty) (Same as M697.)

Held in conjunction with the World Methodist Evangelism Institute international seminars, this course develops students’ conceptualization and practice of mission and evangelism in a cross-cultural setting. Students learn about the ways in which churches in different parts of the world are endeavoring to communicate the promise and presence of the reign of God.

EV698. Special Topics in Evangelism

Credit, variable. (Faculty)

Special topic or one-time offering courses led by Candler regular and visiting faculty. Prerequisites may be required and are noted on the course schedule when applicable.