Biblical Studies. Biblical Interpretation

BI540. Teaching the Bible

Credit, three hours. (Faculty) (Same as RE540.)

This course equips students with the methodology to enable others to experience the Bible as an intelligible, relevant, and powerful force in daily life. It examines how the Bible shapes personal faith and corporate life. (BI540CEE when offered as a Contextual Education elective)

BI603. Ancient Judaism in the Mediterranean Diaspora

Credit, three hours. (Wilson) (Same as WR603.)

A survey of the literature and religion of the Jewish people during the Second Temple period, with special attention to their interactions with Greek culture and Roman rule.

BI605. Feminist Interpretation of Bible

Credit, three hours. Prerequisite: OT 501/502 and NT501/502 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor. (Faculty)

A seminar exploring biblical texts and interpretations as they relate to issues of gender, power, and sexuality. The course will include attention to texts from both the Old Testament and New Testament as well as apocryphal materials. We will explore feminist interpretations from a variety of cultures and consider the future of feminist biblical interpretation. (Race, Ethnicity, and Gender)

BI617. African American Biblical Interpretation

Credit, three hours. (Faculty)

This course explores traditions and methods of Biblical Interpretation in the context of African American communities. (Race, Ethnicity, Gender)

BI620. Bible, Race, and Reception History

Credit, three hours. (Kemp)

This course introduces students to the ways the Bible has been used throughout American history to construct, support, and challenge America’s racial caste systems. (Race, Ethnicity Gender)

BI634. Through the Museum with the Bible: Biblical Text and Material Culture

Credit, three hours. Prerequisites: OT501/502 or equivalent. (LeMon)

In this course students encounter artifacts in the Michael C. Carlos Museum and explore how they affect the interpretation of biblical texts and the understanding of the sociocultural milieu from which the Bible arose.

BI649. Bible and Sermon

Credit, three hours. (Faculty) (Same as P649.)

This course helps students move from exegetical work to the sermon, attending to preaching that continues both the substance of the biblical text and its form and function. (BI649CEE when offered as a Contextual Education elective)

BI650. Archaeology and the Bible

Credit, three hours. (Borowski)

An introduction to the field of biblical archaeology with careful examination of theory and methodology. The famous discoveries (inscriptions, architecture) and important sites (Megiddo, Hazor, Gezer, Dan) that form the historical background to some of the biblical stories will be examined as well as issues and topics such as the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob), the Exodus (Moses) and the settlement of Canaan (Joshua), the kings of Israel and Judah, and so forth. Other topics that will be studied include daily life, religion, and ancient art.

BI698. Special Topics in Biblical Interpretation

Credit, variable. (Faculty)

Special topic or one-time offering courses led by Candler regular and visiting faculty. Prerequisites may be required and are noted on the course schedule when applicable.